Tabaqat Ibn e Saad Urdu By Allama Ibne Saad Pdf



The book Tabaqat Ibn e Saad Urdu Pdf written on the subject of history by Allama Muhammad Ibn e Saad. The author of the book was an eminent scholar of Islam and a prominent historian. He is famous for his biography and history book Tabqaat e Kubra Arabic.

Ibne Saad wrote this book in the Arabic language. This book set his name in the top of the Islamic historian. The book Tabaqat Ibn e Saad Urdu pdf covered the whole life history of the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad PBUH.

The book Tabaqat Ibn e Saad (Tabaqat e Kubra) is considered one of the best and most trustable books on the subject of Islamic history. All of the authors of later books took the reference from this book. The books saved the life cycle of the many famous personalities of Islam also. It was an excellent service from the Allama Ibn e Saad to the history. I hope you will like the book Tabaqat Ibn e Saad Urdu pdf.


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