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Abu Al Hassan Al Masoodi is the writer of the book Tareekh Masoodi Urdu pdf. Allama Masoodi was a famous scholar and historian. Masoodi was a Muhaddith in the history of Islam. He is known for his perfect literary work about the history of the world. He was the first Arab historian who compiled a complete book about the past. There is no example of this kind of work before.

Allama Masoodi did a great work. He quoted the authoritative references. Masoodi set own parameters and checked the references accordingly. He did not use any biased or unfair attitude. He wrote which considers right and genuine. Allama Masoodi was the first historian of Islam who used the parameters to check the references. There was no example before him in the Muslims.

The book Tareekh Masoodi Urdu pdf is initially in the Arabic language. The title of the book is Marooj Uz Zahab Wa Madan Al Jawahar. The text translated into different languages. This book is an Urdu version of Tareekh Masoodi pdf.

I read the book Tareekh Masoodi pdf and found it very useful. In my opinion, it is a perfect history work. Some people said Masoodi a Shia and Muatzali. But I did not see anything objectionable. I hope you like the book Tareekh Masoodi Pdf and share it with your friends.

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