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The author of the book Zia Un Nabi Pdf Justice Pir Karam Shah Was a prominent scholar of Islam. He has worked as a judge for the federal sharia court. Pir Karam Shah was also a spiritual teacher and guided many people to the path of Allah. He was one of the undisputed leaders of Ahlesunnat.

Pir Karam Shah started modern education in his Madrasa. He advised to the other Islamic teachers to teach the advanced syllabus and use modern teaching technique. Pir Karam Shah knew the challenges of the modern era. He believed that a Muslim scholar could face these challenges by learning the current theories and methods.

Pir Karam Shah was an author of many books on the subject of Islamic teaching. He wrote a Tafsir (explanation) of Quran and a book of Hadith. Both editions of Pir Karam Shah was popular among the entire Muslims.

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