Musnad Imam Azam By Imam Abu Hanifa Pdf


The book Musnad Imam Azam Pdf is a collection of 522 Hadith of Holy Prophet PBUH. The author of the book was a great scholar of Islam. He has many disciples and students in the Islamic education.

Imam Azam Abu Hanifa Noman Bin Sabit was the founder of Fiqh Hanafi. It is one fiqh school of thought out of four in Ahlesunnah. Imam Abu Hanifa was born in the first century of Hijrah. He learned the Islamic knowledge from the Companions of the Holy Prophet. It is his authentification that he learned Islam directly from the companions of Prophet of Islam.

This book is a very notable book of Hadith. Imam Abu Hanifa collected it in the closest time of the life of the Holy Prophet. His Collection Musnad Imam Azam Pdf is the oldest collection of Hadith (sayings or deeds of the Holy Prophet). The book Musnad Imam Azam widely recited in the world by the Muslims. I hope you will find the book Musnad Imam Azam Pdf a useful material.

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