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Tafseer Durre Mansoor Urdu Pdf is the book of Allama Imam Jalal Ud Din Suyyuti. He was a prominent scholar of Islam and historian. He was the follower of Imam Shafi, one out of four fiqh schools of thought in Ahlesunnat. Imam Suyuti belonged to the middle age of Islam that is a golden time in Islamic knowledge.

Imam Sayyuti was an Arab scholar, and he wrote all his books in the Arabic language. Most of his books translated into other languages. He authored one of the notable Islamic history book “Tarikh Ul Khulafa” which is about the life cycle and ruling period of Holy Prophet PBUH and his caliphs. He also wrote the interpretation of Quran like Tafseer Jalalain and Tafseer Durre Mansoor, etc.

The book Tafseer Durre Mansoor Urdu Pdf is an Urdu version of the real Arabic text. The translation of the book is made by Zia Ul Quran publications. Allama Jalal Ud Din Sayyuti wrote this book to made easy to learn the Quranic teachings. The said scholar is considered a particular personality in all Islamic sects. He was a great lover of Allah and his Holy Prophet PBUH. So it gave the authentication to the book Tafseer Durre Mansoor Urdu Pdf.

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