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The author of the book Tafseer e Madarik Pdf Imam Abu Hafs Umar Al Nasafi was a prominent scholar of Islam. He belonged to the Hanafi school of thought in Ahlesunnat. He was a passionate follower of Imam Abu Hanifa. Abu Hanifa is one leader out of four in Ahlesunnat.

Imam Nasafi was a famous historian and jurisprudent. He was a Muhaddith and Mufassir in the Muslims,s golden time. He authored more than one hundred books and wrote the explanation of many books. His most famous book is Tafseer e Madarik. He worked in Arabic and Persian language to enhance the learning of Quran and Sunnah in the entire Muslims. Many of the famous Islamic scholars quoted his references like Imam Dhahabi and Taftazani etc.

Quran is final message of Allah. Allah completed his verdict on Hazrat Muhammad SAW. It is a complete code of life and revealed in the Arabic language. Many scholars of the Muslims wrote its interpretation in book format for the teaching and understanding of the people.

The book Tafseer e Madarik Pdf or Nasafi is initially in the Persian language. This book is an Urdu version of the said book. We offered you Tafseer e Madarik pdf free.

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