Fatawa Razawiyya Mukammal 30 Jildain


Imam Ahmad Raza Khan is the author of the book Fatawa Rizvia Pdf. It is an excellent book of Fiqh Hanafi. The author gave many verdicts according to Fiqh Hanafi. He quoted the reliable references and personalities. The book is a treasure of knowledge and information.

Imam Ahmad Raza Khan was a great scholar of Islam and the writer of some remarkable books. He played a vital role in the publication of Fiqh Hanafi in India. He translated the Holy Quran into Urdu. Fatawa Rizvia Pdf is another masterpiece of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan in Fiqh. He gave the solution of the contemporary issues according to the teachings of Islam. I hope you like the book Fatawa Rizvia Pdf and share it.

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