Kanzul Ummal Urdu Pdf is a collection of Hadith of the Prophet of Islam. It is an Urdu version of an Arabic book Kanzul Ummal Fi Al Aqwal Wal Afaal by Allama Alauddin Ali Muttaqi. He was a famous scholar of Islam. He compiled many books but got fame with this book.

Allama Muttaqi got the most of the Hadith from a book Al Jami Al Kabir by Imam Jalal Ud Din Sayuti. I hope you like the book Kanzul Ummal Urdu Pdf and share it with the other Muslims.

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Volume 1 & 2

Volume 3 & 4

Vol 5 & 6

Volume 7 & 8

Volume 9 & 10

Vol 11 & 12

Volume 13 & 14

Volume 15 & 16


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