Sunan Darqutni Urdu Sharah By Imam Darqutni Pdf


Sunan Darqutni Urdu Sharah is an excellent compilation of Hadith e Nabvi. The book contains more than four thousand Hadees on the various topics. Imam Darqutni was a famous scholar and Muhaddith in the fourth century of Hijrah. He belonged to Darqutan, a sector in Baghdad. He gave the lesson of Hadith to the ordinary people on a daily basis. Some prominent scholars of Islam like Abu Nuaym and Imam Hakim were the pupils of Imam Darqutni. Both of them also earned the name in the teaching of Hadith.

Abul Ula Mohiuddin Jahangir is the famous scholar of Islam in the modern era. He authored many books on Hadith and Sunan of the Rasool Allah. He translated and explained the text Sunan Darqutni Urdu Sharah for the entire people. The author wants to expand the knowledge of Hadith and Sunnat. I hope you find the book Sunan Darqutni Urdu Sharah useful and share it with your friends.

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Volume 5 & 6


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