The Institute aspires for the leadership role in pursuit excellence in engineering, sciences and technology.


The Institute is to provide excellent teaching and research environment to produce graduates who distinguish themselves by their professional competence, research, entrepreneurship, humanistic outlook, ethical rectitude, pragmatic approach toproblem solving, managerial skills and ability to respond to the challenge of socio economic development to serve as the vanguard of techno-industrial transformation of the society

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Institute is to pursue excellence in education and research by developing appropriate curricula and teaching practices, acquiring talented faculty and providing an environment conducive to teaching and learning. Its graduates are expected to possess high professional competence combined with the humanistic and moral values envisaged in its Profile of the Graduates. The educational philosophy of the Institute lays emphasis on training of the mind rather than stuffing it with an inert body of facts; on expanding the scientific imagination of the students rather than making them tread well-worn and outmoded grooves of thought. Guided by such convictions, the Institute educates its students by confronting them with real-life problems, and inculcating in them a problem-solving approach.

They are encouraged to explore and solve problems, to break new grounds and to cultivate leadership qualities. Pakistan is on the threshold of a major breakthrough in the technoindustrial fields and needs professionals with ability and vision to lead the way. The Institute aims at producing such professionals with a strong base of engineering education and research. It strives to produce graduates who can upgrade existing technological activities in the country and in whom professional excellence is inseparable from a commitment to the national ideals.


The Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIK) is one of the most prestigious engineering institutes of Pakistan. GIK is known the world over for setting a standard of excellence in the field of engineering. Over the years, the institute has produced bright, innovative graduates employed at some of the most respectable firms all over the world. The Institute aspires to be a center of excellence in engineering sciences and technology, which acts as an effective agent of change and a model for others to emulate.

It is autonomous and independently chartered and is funded by the private sector. It strives to attract faculty of outstanding talent and ability to provide the students a supporting and enabling environment. It hopes to produce graduates who distinguish themselves by their professional competence, humanistic outlook and ethical rectitude, pragmatic approach to problem-solving, and organizational and managerial skills. Given these attributes, they should be able to respond adequately to the needs of Pakistan and be the vanguard of their techno-industrial transformation.

Apart from its outstanding academic programme, GIK is also known for the versatility and vibrancy of its extra-curricular scenario. All of these activities are student-organized. At present, GIK has more than 20 student societies. These organizations provide the students with various opportunities to indulge in their aesthetic interests and experience working in a professional environment. Moreover, these societies instill in their members the priceless qualities of teamwork and leadership.

Administering the vast GIKI campus, which includes the Faculties, Hostels, Civic Amenities, Faculty residence and many other structures and services, poses a challenge within itself.  This challenge is met by the Administration & Finance departments, each headed by Director (HR/Administration) and Director (Finance), working under my supervision.  These are based in the HU Beg Admin Block. The  Departments  endeavor  to  work  in  close coordination with other  faculties  and  related  departments, providing  proactive  administrative,  financial and logistic support for all the activities of the Institute.

Managing the human and economic resources of the Institute within the overall ambit of financial discipline, procurement of supplies, improving and maintaining horticultural beauty of the campus, meeting the transport needs, fall within the scope of Administration & Finance Departments. It is thus one  place  to  which you,  as  a  student,  will stay  connected touring  your stay at the Institute,  especially  as  office bearers of  the  25  professional  and  non-professional  societies functioning in the  Institute.  I  take pride in the role which Administration and Finance play in GIK Institute,  striving for  academic  excellence, meeting both  the needs of  the academic faculties and students.

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