Namoos e Risalat Kay Saat Shaheed By Rai Kamal Pdf


Rai Muhammad Kamal Advocate is the author of the book Namoos e Risalat Kay Saat Shaheed Pdf. The book is about the Shuhada who sacrificed his life for the sake of the Prophet of Islam. Rai Muhammad Kamal compiled this book to educate the people about the law of blasphemy and its execution. He also saved the life history of the soldiers of Rasool Allah SAW.

The biography and achievements of Ghazi Ilm Ud Din, Ghazi Abdul Qayyum, and Ghazi Mureed Hussain included in the book Namoos e Risalat Kay Saat Shaheed Pdf. It also contains the lifespan of Ghazi Abdul Rasheed, Ghazi M. Siddique, Ghazi Mian Muhammad, Ghazi Abdullah. The author told about the whole events of their lives and the martyrdom. He explained the love of the Muslims with these heroes. I hope you like the book in pdf form and share it with others.

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