The book Faizan e Sunnat Urdu Pdf is excellent writing of Allama Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri. He is a scholar and preacher of Islam. He is the founder of Dawat e Islami, a worldwide movement of the Quran and Sunnah. Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri is known as Ameer e Ahlesunnat. He started the organization for the preaching of Sunnat of the Holy Prophet SAW.

The movement Dawat e Islami expanded in almost the whole of the world. Ameer e Ahlesunnat wrote the book, which is the primary syllabus for all the preachers. The book is consists of many chapters like Fazail e Bismillah, Adab e Taam, Fazail e Ramzan, and Ahkam e-Zakat. The author of the book includes many Islamic and good stories in the book.

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